Yesterday I heard from the clinical trials coordinator at Montgomery General that my liver biopsy had come back inconclusive for cancer and that they would like to do another biopsy today.  I emailed Dr. Pishvaian last night asking him for some more information on what this meant and he informed me that only about 50% of the time do biopsies reveal a diagnosis.  So I’m going back to the hospital this afternoon so we can try this again.

And just for inquiring minds, no this doesn’t change my treatment in any way.  I’m slated to have my next chemo treatment on Wed. July 24 and will have PIP (personal infusion pump <thank you Rheba>) removed on Friday.  That gives me Saturday to recover because Sunday we’ll be heading to the Outer Banks.

Please pray that I don’t have the wicked nausea after todays surgery that I had the last time.


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