Sad Face

Pouty Face

Well today’s been a bust. Robin and I went down to Georgetown for my second chemo treatment this morning.  We checked in and then I was reminded that I needed to have a blood draw first before seeing Dr. Pishvaian.  So off to 5 North I go to see my new friend Sonia. I get up there and she puts the IV needle into the mediport and nada – saline flush goes in but no blood is coming out.  Bah! Sonia worked at if for a while but there was no budging it. She put in some drano to see if that would clear the pipe and sent me off back downstairs to see Dr. Pishvain.

I was met by another physician who works with Dr. Pishvaian.  He reviewed everything that had gone on during my chemo treatment and how I had felt.  I explained the general nausea, dizzyness and lethargy which are all quite normal, however when I started to describe a tightness in my chest when we’d walked the dogs one morning he wasn’t too happy.  He stepped out and 5 minutes later both he and Dr. Pishvaian came in. The long and short of our conversation is that one of the extremely rare side effects of 5FU is coronary artery spasm which while rare could lead to – nothing good. So not wanting to take any undue risk I would need to be admitted to the hospital for observation while this round is administered. And yes this was the start of the pouty face.

Since finding a bed, if there even was one, was going to take a while I headed back upstairs to Sonia to see if we could get the blockage in the mediport cleared since she didn’t want anyone else mucking with her work. She tried once again to get things moving but zilch.  In goes some industrial strength anti-coagulant  and we wait, and we wait. 30 minutes later she tries again and there is just the slightest bit of blood trickling out and so we wait some more. After another 30 minutes Sonia has had enough of this silliness and gets medieval with the syringe.  Well with that and some well practiced muttering she finally got things flowing again.

Unfortunately in all that time there was still not a bed to be found. No room in the manger either. We were eventually told to go home and told they’d call us if something became available. Enter full pouty face.

I know what you’re thinking to yourself, “Wait a minute you’re all down and gloomy because you DIDN’T get your chemo?!” Yes as bizarre as that may sound the truth is I do want my bag of poison.  Even more so since we’re leaving soon for vacation and I was hoping to have time to get thru the worst of the side effects before heading down. So we’re sitting at home waiting for Dr. Feelgood to call – and waiting…