A little light headed from the good stuff

A little light headed from the good stuff

This morning shortly after 8:00AM I finally got the call that my room was ready in Georgetown University Hospitals telemetry unit.  Robin and I finished some things up at the house and then drove down. I was admitted shortly after 10:00AM and then told to head up to C4. Thank goodness Robin was along since she does a far better job than I in navigating this hospital. The telemetry unit is mostly cardiac patients who are really bad off. I think I totally threw them since I walked in on under my own power – not what they are used to.

Since I was going to be doing my chemo as an in-patient I took a back seat to all of the out-patients therefore creating a very long day of waiting. I have to admit that by 4:00PM I was starting to get a bit aggravated with the nothing happening. Things finally got rolling around 5:00PM and the first part of my chemo medication started at 6:30PM. 2 hours after that Betty, my oncology nurse, started the last phase of my treatment – the one that’s the reason for my being an in-patient.

So far the only effect the chemo is having is my being a bit more light headed than normal.  Since I’m held captive on this small ward I’m sure I’ll be updating you again before I leave here.

Please keep Robin in your prayers.  She’s heading out to California on a business trip in the morning and her not being able to be here, while I’m in the hospital, is adding to her stress. I hate what this disease does to the people closest to me.