Five by Five is used to describe the signal to noise ratio in radio transmissions and is synonymous with the saying, “I hear you loud and clear”.  As pretty much everyone has experienced on a long car ride there will come a point where that radio station that you’ve been listening to has way too much static to continue listening to it.

So why do I bring this up tonight?  I’m currently sitting in the telemetry unit at Georgetown University Hospital going through my second chemo treatment.  There is a concern after my first round that I may have experienced a cardiac episode and they want to monitor me during this one. I just had a wonderful young lady take the time to stop by and see me after work. We had a wonderful conversation about what I’m doing in the hospital and why but then our conversation turned to God. I’ve known this woman since she was a little girl and I had the privilege of being one of her Sunday school teachers.

At one point in our conversation we began talking about our desire to feel God’s presence in our life.  The one comment that struck me was what she experiences when she’s been away from the Word of God too long.  She pointed out how she begins to feel an emotional distance from God and I knew exactly what she meant by that. The further I allow myself to get away from God’s Word the greater the noise of this world becomes until I’m not hearing Him at all. Instead of recognizing what’s happening and turning around or doing something to boost my reception it can be all too easy at that point to want to change the channel and hear what else is being said.

Thankfully I’m in a really good place right now and I’m not experiencing any communication issues, but I also have a great many friends and family who are constantly making sure I’m hearing the Lord, loud and clear. And if I’m not they are here to help. For me, right now, this is what the church – the body of Christ is all about.

So to my dear friend Rachel thank you for being the face of God for me this evening and know that I’m hearing the Lord Five by Five.