Last treatment of Folfox6 at least for the current clinical trail that I’m on and maybe for some time to come.

When I went in yesterday and met with Dr. Pishvaian he was excited about a new clinical trial that he’d like to get me on. He shared that he’d been at an international cancer symposium and the hot topic was a relatively new family of antibody drugs that the big pharmacology companies are all clamoring over. He explained that the drugs work in the same fashion as a vaccination in that they try to get the bodies immune system supercharged into recognizing the cancer as a foreign invader. From everything that I’ve read and that he shared with me, getting onto this trial is an incredible opportunity. The clinical trail is at Phase 1 meaning I’m really getting in on the ground floor.  The drug is through MedImmune and is called MEDI4736 – yeah it doesn’t even have a real name yet.

So why jump over to an unknown drug that is to some extent still in it’s infancy? The truth of the matter is that the treatment I’m on with the Folfox6 is considered palliative care. Meaning it’s not going to cure me, it’s purpose is to extend my life as long as I can put up with it. This new drug however actually holds out a ray of hope. While Dr. Pishvaian was hesitant to use the word cure with so many unknown factors the fact is there have been a very small percentage of patients who have had their cancer not only shrink but disappear all together. I’ll take some hope over no hope any day of the week even if it’s still a crap shoot.

I finish up my current treatment tomorrow and then next Thursday I go in for another CT scan so we can see how the cancer has reacted to the Folfox6 and then I get to detox for a month before hopefully starting on the MEDI4736. And I do say, “hopefully” because I still have to be selected for the trail. So that is the thing that I ask for in your prayers.

Other than going through the general lethargy and fuddle headedness of chemo I’m doing well. I’m still springing back after each treatment and have been able to get back to work.  Being off of treatments for a month will also be a great relief for my co-workers as we are in the midst of a huge project and my being unavailable for testing has been a strain on them.

Hmm, all sounds like another blessing to me. 🙂