It confounds me at times how incredibly dense I can be over things that I thought I’ve understood for decades, but then there is a sudden illumination (along with the proverbial head slap) and I’m left wondering how could I have been so blind for so long. It happened to me again last night as I finished writing a letter to a friend who’s going through an incredibly difficult time. He’s a devout Jew and I sent him an old testament verse from Isaiah that a good friend had sent me. Not knowing if the Torah used the same chapter and verse notations as the bible I made a quick search to confirm that referencing Isaiah 54:10 would mean the same to him as it does to me.

I took great pleasure in the fact that I could share a verse that’s made a wonderful impact on me and prayed that he would read in it the same hope that I’ve found. And in thinking that I also thought how wonderful it was to be able to share my faith with my friend especially in the midst of such great tribulation. Sharing my faith? I’ve always put that specific phrase into the same context as evangelizing but that’s not what I was doing with my friend. We’ve tap danced around that subject before and I know he’s as firm in his beliefs as I am in mine and yet I was sharing my faith with him. For some reason that struck me in a totally different light last night.

I get so tied up with trying to bring someone to a knowing faith in Christ that I overlook what is really what I’m called to do and that is simply share why I have faith in Christ. Sharing my faith is doing just that, sharing with others in whom I have placed my faith and why. In that singular verse the one true God speaks to both us with the same assurance of His immutability in the midst of our suffering and in that I found great comfort and joy. I pray that my friend does as well.