I’m sorry for being a little late on this update. This past Tuesday I met with Dr. Pishvaian to discuss the clinical trial that I’m hoping to get on. I say hoping because even though he has set dates on his calendar it’s not a sure thing. Apparently they (Georgetown Hospital) have to submit the names of 8 patients on Monday mornings to be added to the trial and then wait for MedImmune to decide who’s in and who’s not. Because there are so many people who want to be part of this trial MedImmune is cherry picking the patients based on their type of cancer so they can have a wide spectrum of patients in the trial. While I can certainly understand this it does add a bit of anxiety to the wait. As it stands right now I’m scheduled to go in on Oct. 14th for another liver biopsy as part of the trials protocol and then enter the trial with my first infusion on Oct. 21st.

I know I had originally said that one of the upsides to this medication is the low side effects, but that only appears to be the case after the initial first few weeks. During the first two weeks while the medicine is putting my immune system into over drive it also apparently puts a hurting on the rest of the body. The overall effects, according to Dr. Pishvaian, leave you feeling like you have mono. Well I’ve been there and done that and know what mono feels like – blech! But if it’s only for the first two-three weeks c’est la vie.

Biggest prayer request is that I am able to get onto this trial and for an overall continuing sense of peace no matter the outcome.

Also please continue to pray for my co-workers son Sam as we await to hear whether he has osteosarcoma and what the treatment plan may be.