I found out yesterday that I am in the new trial which will start on Oct. 21st. Now I just have to cut the muster when it comes to all the tests the trials protocol requires. Next Tuesday Oct. 15 I have to go have another CT Scan done. This time they are going to scan me from my head to my pelvis. This will be the first time they’ll be doing a brain scan looking for cancer, Robin of course is just hoping they find anything at all in the vacuous cavern I have for a head. Then on Thursday I will have a full blood panel done before once more going under the needle with Dr. Kim for another liver biopsy. Having Dr. Kim perform this biopsy on me for the third time I feel like I need to say to him, “So, we meet once again.” as if he were my arch nemesis in some campy James Bondish movie. Now if I can just remember to say that just before the anesthesia takes effect.

If nothing has changed and hopefully they don’t find that the cancer has spread any further then I’ll start on MEDI4736 the following Monday. Because this is all part of a phase 1 study everything is being done at Georgetown Hospital which of course adds to the overall transportation complexity.