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  1. Mike & Kristi Ivosevich said:

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the update on your journey.
    Glad to hear you got through your first round of chemo. We are praying for you (and Robin) daily. May God hold you and give you a peace through this storm that you are going through.
    Blessings to you and Robin

  2. I can’t remember what Garo’s pump looked like, but he says it’s basically the same. It sounds like you may be on similar chemo, as some of the side effects are the same. We also found meeting with most of the doctors comforting. I’m so glad you’re under the care of one of Esther’s coworkers. It’s great to know you’re in good hands.

  3. Peggy Cairns said:

    Thanks for being willing to share all this and be so transparent. I hope it is therapeutic, and you should know that it helps us who want to pray specifically for you. God bless. Stay strong.

  4. Kathleen Judson said:

    Hi Big Brother! I hope all of the treatments are this easy! Sure am thinking and praying for you! The big boys are busy with football and are off to camp tomorrow at Campbell University and then we are on our annual pilgrimage to the holy land…. Disney. Keep your sense of humor! Love you!


  5. Ann Marie Railing said:

    Hi Big Brother,

    Thanks for sharing the news. I hope today’s treatment goes smoothly and yes, I will pray that the nausea isn’t so bad. I’m glad your trip to the OBX is still on… as I suspect it is the light at the end of the tunnel following next week’s treatment.

    On another note, that PIP thing sounds an awful lot like a perfume atomizer if you ask me. Maybe you could add your favorite cologne to it. Or maybe a shot of Febreze. Just sayin.

    LOVE YOU!!!

    Ann Marie

  6. Ann Marie Railing said:

    Hi Mike,

    Hope you’re feeling better today. One of the Bible Study groups I’m in has us reading Joshua again. If you need a pick me up….or a little encouragement from some rough and tough men who were up against some serious trials, you should pull out Joshua. Their courage is staggering.

    LOVE YOU!!


  7. Ron and Jeri said:

    Hi Mike and Robin,
    thank you for your updates and allowing us to be in your circle so that we might pray more specifically. Once a member of the cancer club, always a member. We feel the pain deeply and know that the Lord is holding you tightly in His grip. One particular group of verses that holds special meaning for me is from Jeremiah 17:7-8. You may know it well:

    “Blessed are those who trust in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord. They shall be like a tree planted by water, sending out it roots by the stream. It shall not fear when heat comes, and its leaves shall stay green; in the year of drought it is not anxious, and it does not cease to bear fruit.”

    Lifting you and the family up in prayer and praise. Jeri

  8. Hey Mike,

    It is amazing to read your journal entries and see how you’re handling this. You know St.Paul’s saying, “all things work together for good to those who love the Lord, who are called according to his purposes.” That is our prayer for you. Keep Him the center of your focus, which you seem to be doing admirably. Hope you have a great time at the beach and experience no nausea.

    Blix & Lucy

  9. Bo & Julie said:

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the blog entries. We like the format and appreciate your humor and honesty through it all. We’re praying for you out here in the land of bears and salmon!

  10. Ann Marie Railing said:

    Hi Bro,

    What a positively rude day! Did you mention to the good people at Georgetown how long it takes to drive into DC and what a great parking spot you had and everything? Maybe next time this happens you could mention this to them. I’m sure that would get the ball rolling.

    LOVE YOU!!

    Ann Marie

  11. Norman Hendrickson said:

    Was thinking of you, and searched you out on Faceook, tracked you down, and got here.

    Praying for you buddy. You know God loves Scotsmen, else why would he have invented Jameson’s?

    Keep fighting hard, buddy.

  12. Bo & Julie said:

    Hi Mike….sounds like you are now in this for the long haul….hang in there with the treatments….just like my dad told me at the buffet when I was a teenager: it’s a marathon, not a sprint! We’ll keep praying for you and Robin.

  13. Hey Bro,
    So glad you are feeling better and energized enough to go to work. I start up on Monday, but I’m not saying ths ‘S’ word until then. ;0) God is in control and absolutely adores you and Robin. :0)

  14. Hi Mike and Robin,

    Thanks so much for sharing your story and journey, and letting us know how to pray for you both. We love you and keep lifting you up to our Perfect Father, trusting in His mercy and lovingkindness.

    Love, Diane and Curt

  15. Mike,
    I am deeply moved by your words. How sad I was the day I heard of your diagnosis…but how I rejoice when I read your posts! That words of hope, faith, and encouragement should flow out of affliction makes me shout: “PRAISE THE LORD!”

  16. Great news!!!!

  17. Lauren Scott said:

    Journey on, my friend. The Scotts will be praying that you are chosen for this trial treatment this month. I will make sure to remind my child (who shall remain nameless) that he/she should NOT be praying for you to get into a liposuction treatment (inside joke). ; ) Love reading your blog. You really are a great writer and I personally find it uplifting and hopeful. See you at church. Lauren

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